Julie Elliot Payne

Strategic Communications
Assistant Vice President of Communications
Headshot of Julie Elliott Payne

As UBSC's Assistant Vice President of Communications, Julie is responsible for helping strategize the university’s overall brand story and ensuring an integrated communications approach to sharing the university's story with a variety of internal and external audiences. As such, Julie:

  • Oversees the teams charged with Crisis Communications and Issues Management, Internal Communications, News Promotion and Media Relations, Publications, Social Media and Web Content
  • Guides a team of managers and communications strategists in the creation of engaging, informative and strategic content for print and online publications that showcase the university's strongest assets and support UNT's progress in the achievement of its mission and goals
  • Serves as a team lead, primary editor and production manager on top-level university projects and initiatives
  • Works to protect and promote the image of the university – including top-level administrators - by both directly and indirectly crafting content such as copy for the president's website, newsletter and other key publications
  • Ensures communication tactics and efforts are strategic and focusing on moving the university's image and reputation forward
  • Consults with campus divisions and leaders on communication strategies
  • Acts as a spokesperson for the university and helps coordinate media responses for general inquiries about the university

OFFICE LOCATION: University Services Building