UNT’s brand is an expression of our university’s unique personality. It sets us apart from our competitors and creates awareness. In its most comprehensive definition, UNT’s brand is a collection of words, symbols, colors, ideas and emotions that we want people to experience when they think of UNT.

UNT’s brand identity includes key graphics and words that unify us in telling the UNT story – professionally, clearly and consistently.

While led by UBSC, branding is a university-wide responsibility. So, please plan ahead and involve us from the start of your marketing, advertising, printing or promotional project. Also, our approval is required on all UNT-branded purchases and print jobs before Purchasing and Payment Services will process an order.

If you have a project for which you need approval, make sure to email a PDF of it to our branding team and we will get back to you shortly with an approval number or directions on how to make your project work in concert with the branding efforts of the university.

Contact brandreview@unt.edu for branding approval.