Why is UNT changing Content Management Systems?

UNT selected a new CMS that will be easier to use for campus web administrators of all skill levels, provide better brand consistency across digital properties and enhance web governance to ensure all sites are in line with UNT’s style and standards.

What will the new Content Management System be?

Following a comprehensive review of two finalists, UNT announced the purchase of Modern Campus Omni CMS in April 2021. Under a slightly different name, Modern Campus has been serving higher education for more than 20 years.

Do I have the option to keep my site on Drupal?

With limited exceptions, every UNT website will be migrated to Modern Campus to ensure brand consistency. Any website that remains on Drupal has to meet very specific criteria and obtain Cabinet-level approval for exemption.

When will my site be migrated to the new CMS?

This project will be executed in a phased rollout. CMS Onboarding started Spring 2021 and will conclude Winter 2022 with the launch of several mission-critical sites on the new CMS. After completing the initial migration (Wave 1) in coordination with Modern Campus, we’ll have a better understanding of how long the migration process takes for sites of various sizes and will be able to provide a more clearly defined timeline for subsequent phases.

Is there anything I should do to prepare my site for migration?

Assessing your site’s content ahead of UBSC initiating the pre-migration process will make the transition much smoother. If you have any unpublished or outdated content that you know won’t need to be migrated, deleting it now will speed up UBSC’s assessment of your content inventory.

What if I have complex or custom-built functionality?

If your site has any uniquely complex functionality such as custom views or other features that were developed internally and aren’t part of Drupal’s standard design elements, please contact web@unt.edu so UBSC, in partnership with ITSS, can help you get a head start on figuring out how to develop similar functionality in the Modern Campus CMS.

How much time will I have to prepare my site for migration?

UBSC will be in contact with each site’s stakeholders 6-8 weeks ahead of that site’s migration process, beginning to audit the site and take inventory of content that will need to be migrated.

When will I be able to receive training on the new CMS?

UBSC and Modern Campus will be provide training opportunities for UNT web staff on an ongoing basis. Members of the UBSC team will also help you familiarize yourself with the new system once your site’s migration process begins.

Do I need to stop making updates to my website?

Routine maintenance and updates should continue on your Drupal site until it relaunches in Modern Campus. However, when your site is scheduled for migration, a brief content pause may be needed to ensure consistency across you new and existing sites. We suggest that any major redesigns or new site development be delayed until your site is migrated.

Will there be different template options and customizable features in the new CMS?

UBSC will design templates that will feature customizable options for common use cases. This will ensure a more consistent UNT brand and user experience across websites, as well as make it easier for content administrators to build and maintain web pages. New templates and features will be released over time to accommodate emerging needs.

Will all of the files (PDFs, JPGs, etc.) I’ve uploaded to my site in Drupal be migrated as well?

Yes, during the migration process, binary files will be included in the process.

Will my website be down during the migration period?

No. While your site is being migrated to Modern Campus, your Drupal site will still be live and visible to the public. Once the migration is complete, there will be a seamless transition as we take down the Drupal site and launch the new site in Modern Campus.

Will I have the same level of editing access and permissions in Modern Campus?

Permission levels for various roles will be more controlled than they currently are in Drupal, but we will make sure each user has the appropriate level of access respective to their role.

Will all of the content from my Drupal site be migrated to Modern Campus?

All of the content that’s deemed necessary will be migrated to the new CMS, but any unpublished, outdated or redundant pages, webforms or other unnecessary content will be archived with the Drupal site.

What if problems come up during the migration process?

The UBSC migration team will work with you and the vendor to resolve any issues that come up during the migration process.

What if I have a website that doesn’t need to be migrated?

If you have a site that is no longer needed, please contact web@unt.edu to ask about getting it archived.

Will all of my URLs still work after migration?

Yes, all of your URLs will work after migration and should remain the same unless your site is being merged with another site. Critical redirects will be set up for any URLs that need to change and for content that isn’t deemed necessary for migration.

Will everything on my site work and look the same as it did before migration?

When switching a site between Content Management Systems, it’s challenging to build an exact 1:1 replication of style and functionality, but the UBSC migration team will work diligently in conjunction with the vendor to make your new site even better at meeting its goals.

What about forms?

UBSC is working with ITSS and other partners on web form and e-commerce solutions to meet the functional, privacy and data security needs of campus units. Now is the time to assess your current web forms to determine what you need to keep going forward and what you should archive/delete. UBSC will send out further communications on this topic soon.