Web Improvement Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to streamline the UNT website for easy use by prospective students and other visitors, showcasing the university and simplifying the creation and maintenance of the web for the university community.

Major Project Components:

New CMS Platfom

  • CMS Selection
  • CMS Implementation (We are here)
  • CMS Migration


  • Siteimprove Implementation
  • Campus-wide Training

Enterprise-Level Search

  • Funnelback Search and Program Finder implementation

Web Strategy & Policy

  • Web Strategy Project - Recruitment
  • Web Strategy Project – Retention Focus for College Sites

Web Improvement Project Goals

  • Improve user-experience by aligning content and website structures to user goals
  • Align visual branding across campus websites
  • Improve accessibility compliance
  • Improve security compliance
  • Improve search and program-level wayfinding
  • Improve SEO by reducing redundant content, “site sprawl” and employing page-level SEO tactics
  • Simplify management, administration and support of websites via a common platform

What’s Happening

  • Omni CMS - Development
  • Modern Campus Builds Templates and 'Toolkit' within Omni CMS
  • Funnelback & Program Finder Development
  • Migration of Wave I Websites - Fall Launch (UNT Home and Institutional Priority sites)

Campus Communications